New Kids on the Block Are Making a Comeback With a Possible New Album and Tour in 2013

New Kids on the Block Are Making a Comeback With a Possible New Album and Tour in 2013

The New Kids on the Block Are Coming Back — Very Soon!

I can just hear 40-year-old women around the world going nuts right about now. It appears as if not only the Backstreet Boys are coming back with the original lineup, but so are the New Kids on the Block.

So, who’s coming back for this huge reunion?

  • Donnie Wahlberg
  • Joey McIntyre
  • Danny Wood
  • Jordan Knight
  • Jonathan Knight

This is probably going to be happening very soon and by that, I mean by the end of the month.

Apparently, they will be announcing a new, New Kids on the Block tour on January 22nd, but they’re also going to be pumping out a new single around that same time frame. Also, it’s been reported that anew album will be released sometime in March.

We’re going to try to play in and around Boston more than once. – Donnie Wahlberg

‘New Kids on the Block’ IS BACK!

Posted by  on January 7, 2013

Those attempting to be the world’s greatest boybands, please make way for them because these guys are back.

New Kids On The Block is back and they’re back big time. Donnie Wahlberg will reunite with his fellow boyband members: Jonathan and Jordan KnightJoey McIntyre, and Danny Wood on a totally brand new 2013 tour that will be announced on January 22nd. But that’s not all.

The group will also have a new single released, AND an all-new album this coming March.

Okay stop the squealing, girls. But if you live in Boston or anywhere near the boys’ hometown, you can scream again because Wahlberg said:

“We’re going to try to play in and around Boston more than once.”

Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of Donnie Wahlberg, watch out for a new reality show about Wahlburgers, the family’s restaurant in Hingham. Donnie will shoot the pilot this month along with his brothers Paul and you guessed it, Mark Wahlberg. Sounds yummier than burgers, we know.

Anyway, back to NKOTB: Will you be watching their concert? Or in fact, are you still in love with them?


Monday, 07 January 2013

Superstar blogger Perez Hilton has claimed that American boyband New Kids on the Block are set to release a brand new single and album – as well as announcing a world tour.

The group, who ended their fan favourite supergroup NKOTBSB (a joint effort alongside the Backstreet Boys!) back in August, have allegedly been hard at work in the studio crafting some brand new material, and once again Perez Hilton seems to be in the know about some brilliant things to come for the group.

Hilton claims that the group will be announcing a world tour on January 22nd – yes, that soon! – and will also be unveiling a brand new single (their first since 2011’s ‘Don’t Turn Out the Lights’, taken from their compilation album with the Backstreet Boys ‘NKOTBSB’) at around the same time.

The band will also reportedly be putting out a brand new studio album – which would be their first since 2008’s ‘The Block’ – in March, meaning that the start of 2013 will prove to be a brilliant one for NKOTB fans worldwide.

Speaking of the potential tour, bandmember Donnie Wahlberg told Hilton: “We’re going to try to play in and around Boston [their hometown] more than once.”

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