The Calm Before the Boy-Band Storm



The members of boy bands New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men announced Tuesday that they will be going on tour together this summer, because otherwise they’d have to get jobs. NKOTB will headline the tour, with Boyz II Men opening and 98 Degrees working the concession stands. The night before the big announcement, all the former boys went to dinner on the Lower East Side, where “it was a packed restaurant, but no one bothered them.” Oh. Sigh. That’s not a terribly auspicious way to kick off your big tour announcement! “Yeah the restaurant was full of people, but nobody recognized them or cared.” Granted this was on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Had the groups had dinner at a Macaroni Grill in a suburban shopping mall they might have fared better. Not because people on the Lower East Side don’t know them or their music, but because people on the Lower East Side try way too hard to be cool, so they would never approach a celebrity, let alone members of boy bands that were popular when they were kids. But at the Macaroni Grill? Man, there’s no pretension there, everyone is just doing as they do. So if they like Nick Lachey or Wanya Morris, they’ll go up and tell Nick Lachey or Wanya Morris that very fact. Hopefully these dudes won’t let their unnoticed dinner make them worry. They’ve got a big summer ahead of them. And a big springtime of planning. Who’s gonna rent the van, who’s gonna get the camping equipment, has anyone mapped out the parking lots and empty fields where they’re going to set up their little stage and do the show? All big things that need figuring out. Also they should probably make sure they have the right permits and everything. We all remember what happened when O-Town tried to do their reunion tour. I think one of them’s still in county jail. [Page Six ]

Here’s a funny story from inauguration night. After the formal balls, the Obamas invited some of the cool kids over to the White House for an after-party. One of the invitees was Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, who regaled The Boston Globe with one wonderful anecdote: “‘I was talking to a charming young man and his girlfriend,’ Patrick said. ‘John Mayer and…Katy Perry. I had to be clued in.'” Ha. Hahaaa. Just think about Katy Perry having to try to explain to someone who she is. “I’m… Katy… Perry. I’m a singer? Of sorts? Yes, I’m a singer. I mean, I’m just… Katy Perry.” That’s one funny little thing about hearing about all these glitzy political events where entertainment industry celebrities mingle with political heavyweights. The celebrities always seem so intimidated! That is satisfying to think about, is it not? Not that these politicians should be revered as holy deities — because they are most certainly not (we’re looking at you, Peter King  ) — but it is funny to think about Katy Perry saying “I’m a singer… A singer of songs. What do you do?” And then Deval Patrick saying, “I’m the governor of Massachusetts” and Katy Perry saying “Ohhh…” Nice that sometimes even the most seemingly un-humble-able people can be humbled. [The Boston Globe ]

Oh, and here are some photos from that saucy private party. They’re down toward the bottom, past all the Lady Gaga photos from last night’s saucy private party. Look at all the celebrities mingling! Look at the blurry photo of Michelle Obama dancing to “Single Ladies”! (Kal Penn is in the background.) Look at Barack hugging Swizz Beatz. They seem close! Also it’s funny that Eric Benét was so ubiquitous. Guess there is life after Halle Berry! Halle Berry isn’t at that party, is she? Obama really has done a lot to help people out. [Daily Mail ]

Going back to the top item but also combining some unauguration stuff, you know who did go to a suburban-style restaurant and did get recognized before a big day? Kelly Clarkson. The night before she sang at the Inauguration, Clarkson and a bunch of pals went to Buca di Beppo in Washington, D.C., and ate a big healthy meal of “lasagna, bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, half-pound meatballs, spaghetti, chicken parmigiana — and the always delicious colossal brownie.” (The bill was apparently $230.) Yum! She then took some photos with kitchen staff and, feeling sated and satisfied, went off to get some rest before her big sing. And look how well it went. See, NKOTB and Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees? That’s what you gotta do before a big event. Be with the people, eat the people’s food. Forget the LES. Also, Beyoncé? What’d you do the night before? Pick over some quail eggs with Gwyneth Paltrow in her crystal hot air balloon? Just goes to show you. Proper preparation is everything. [TMZ ]

Alright, let’s descend into some muck here. It seems that Kelly Osbourne — MTV reality star daughter turned obtuse E! red-carpet fashion correspondent — has gotten secretly engaged to a man named Matthew Mosshart. So, good for her. The article says that Mosshart is a “vegan baker,” but I’m not sure I believe that. I mean, look at him . Just look at him . He is clearly some kind of elfin wizard. His name is Mosshart, for Galadriel’s sake! Mosshart the Magnificent. He is clearly some kind of elfish sorcerer who knows a secret . There is no doubt about it. Let’s hope, then, that this is real love and that Osbourne hasn’t simply been hexed, all part of Mosshart’s plan to get revenge on her father for all those bats he ate. “I am Mosshart! I speak for the woods and the trees and the squirrels and the bats! You have defiled the forest!” Then a wind blows his grand and voluminous hair and Ozzy knows he’s in real trouble. [Us Weekly  ]

Oh, so, yeah, Adrienne Maloof from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is for real dating Sean Stewart, son of Rod, who has been on both A&E’s monstrously embarrassing Sons of Hollywood and VH1’s tremendously sad Celebrity Rehab. Maloof is 19 years Stewart’s senior, but the Maloof has gone and quoted Aaliyah and said that age ain’t nothing but a number. She’s right. But Sean Stewart also ain’t nothing but a weird guy who does not seem very lucid most of the time, so. That could maybe be seen as a deterrent. More so than his age, at least. Or, OK, fine, forget his past weirdness. What about this ? Shouldn’t that be enough to say, “Nope, don’t wanna date that?” If the Maloof can watch that and say, “Yup, still in,” then fine, who are we to judge. And, really, vice versa. If Sean can watch any episode ofHousewives in which the Maloof wears her weird hair sparkles and does all her Maloofy things and still want to date her? Then, hey, maybe it is true love. [Us Weekly  ]

’90s Boy Band Reunion at Sons of Essex and More Celebrity News

Nick Lachey, Donnie Wahlberg, and the rest of 98 Degrees, New Kids on the Block, and Boyz II Men celebrated their new tour


Restaurant Buzz

To celebrate the announcement of their new tour, members of 98 Degrees, New Kids on the Block, and Boyz II Men headed to New York City’s Sons of Essex, where they wined and dined while listening to old-school hip hop. [NY Post ]
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Robert De Niro, Barry Manilow and Donnie Walberg Take New York Updated January 23, 2013 8:41am

NEW YORK — Let’s hear it for the boys.

There were girls of all ages swooning last night as Barry Manilow and a collection of boy bands including New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boys II Men took over Times Square.

Manilow was on hand at the corner of 44th and Broadway for the renaming of that stretch of 44th Street as “Manilow Way.”

The slightly younger set was at Irving Plaza where Donnie Wahlberg and Nick Lachey announced that New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boys II Men would be hitting the road for a super tour.

At the Greenwich Hotel in TriBeCa, Robert De Niro honored artist Joyce Pensato  with the Robert DeNiro Sr. Award, a cash grant for a mid-career artist.

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‘The Package’ tour features New Kids, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men

Boy bands from the 1990s reunite and hit the road together.


A new direction on the concert scene was announced today when it comes to boy bands. It has nothing to do with current boy band sensation, One Direction, either.

New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), 98 Degrees and Boys II Men are touring together. Buzz has been brewing and the Kids did tour in 2011, so this as a done deal will make many fans very happy. The tour, called “The Package,” kicks off May 31 in Connecticut and ends July 13 in Minneapolis.

In total, 28 shows packed into a few months. Members of Kids headed to “The View” to drop the news today (Jan. 22). For those in the Chicago area, do not panic. The second last day of the tour will stop at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont July 12.

In a press release, Donnie Wahlberg said: “Ladies, we’re coming for you.” Then, innuendo included, it went on. “This is going to be the craziest year yet — the single, the album, the tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men … We can’t wait to give fans ‘The Package!'”

Area Tour Dates

June 8 – Auburn Hills, MI -The Palace of Auburn Hills

June 30 – St Louis, MO – Scottrade Center

July 12 – Rosemont, IL – Allstate Arena

July 13 – Minneapolis, MN – Target Center

“We are really excited to get back on the road together and tour with our friends in NKOTB and Boyz II Men. Looking forward to playing our hits and trying out some of our new tracks too,” said 98 Degrees’ Nick Lachey. So, as Lachey hinted, look for more music. NKOTB is set to release a new album “10” on April 2. The first single “Remix (I Like The)” will drop on iTunes Jan. 28.

The title is already making waves and will surely continue to make headlines along with the innuendo, as mentioned earlier. Here’s more from Wanya Morris.”This has been in the works for a while… ‘The Package’ is on its way, and we’re going to deliver.” Now that one has all signs leaning toward delivery of a box, a package – not the other way.

But, they will.

Presale begins on Jan. 24 and then it opens to the public on Feb. 4. So, fans, wake up after the Super Bowl and plan the next adventure.

New Kids Join 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men

Posted on: 5:56 pm, January 22, 2013, by 

LEVELAND– New Kids on the Block is teaming up with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men for a huge summer tour!

That tour will land right here in Cleveland, at Quicken Loans Arena, on Sunday, June 9.

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. on Feb. 2. You can purchase them online here, charge by phone at  1-888-894-9424, purchase them at Quicken Loans Arena Box Office or at Discount Drug Mart.

98 Degrees and Grammy Award-winning Boyz II Men will open for NKOTB on “The Package Tour.”

This is the first tour for 98 Degrees in more than 12 years.

New Kids On The Block, Boyz II Men & 98 Degrees play Nashville concert

Posted on January 22, 2013 by Staff

It’ll be a mini boy-band Bonnaroo at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena this June.

One day before One Direction makes their Nashville debut at the venue on June 19, the boy-band stars of yesteryear – New Kids On the BlockBoyz II Men and 98 Degrees – will bring their just-announced “The Package Tour” to Bridgestone on June 18.

NKOTB will release a new album, “10,” on April 2. The tour will be 98 Degrees’ first in over 12 years, while Boyz II Men (now a trio) have remained on the road and performed at Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Centerlast year.

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Sat., February 2.

Breaking News! New Kids On The Block to tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men

By  1 day ago

The-Package-Tour-900-600 - Breaking News! New Kids On The Block to tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men


Looking back on things I always thought boy bands would never be able to reunite due to the simple fact that they are not boys anymore. They are not the teens on television that sold sex to young girls. They do not have the air of innocence that brought them so many fans. They (probably) do not have the dance moves that set them apart from other cute kids.

Which is why I found myself in a weird place when I heard that New Kids On The Block announced they will be bringing 98 Degrees and Boys II Men along with them for “The Package Tour.” I always kind of knew they would attempt to pump money out of their old songs, but I never thought that they would actually seriously do stadium tours in 2013. I, however, can admit when I am wrong about something. I guess the nostalgic factor of boy bands is something that will be able to withstand the test of time (even if their bodies can’t).

Culturally we as music fans are suckers for nostalgia and songs that remind us of the past—which I guess includes boy bands. There must be some people in the world who want to relive such events as: That time when you gave your first blow job to “Because of You.” The time when you had your first awkward slow dance in your schools cafeteria to “On Bended Knee.” The time when you and your friends performed “Step By Step” at the 7th grade talent show and thought you guys were the coolest.

To be quite honest with you guys, I had to Wikipedia the groups to remember those songs, but hey I guess it was a bit before my generation. In doing so I learned fun facts that are really fucking surprising. Did you know that Boys II Men are the most successful R&B group of all time? Ok, that is the only really surprising fact but still, 60 million albums worldwide? Come on, people!

Anyways, NKOTB stopped by the epitome of modern-day cutting edge culture “The View” to announce “The Package Tour” with multi-platinum selling 98 Degrees and Grammy award winning Boyz II Men as opening acts. In quotes that we wish did not exist: “Ladies, we’re coming for you,” said NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg. “This is going to be the craziest year yet — the single, the album, the tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men … We can’t wait to give fans ‘The Package!’”

With the recent announcement of a Kris Kross reunion, we here at Death and Taxes would have liked to have seen them on the bill as well. Either way get ready for a throng of 38 year-old soccer moms taking over your town drinking Cosmos and reliving their high school days in acity near you. The tour starts on May 31 in Uncasville, CT.