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New Kids On The Block lanzará su nuevo disco ’10’ en un concierto. Publicaciones de medios:

New Kids On The Block lanzará su nuevo disco ’10’ en un concierto

new kids on the block
New Kids On The Block / Foto: Difusión

New Kids On The Block lanzará mañana, 30 de abril, su nuevo disco ’10’ en medio de un concierto en Boston, la ciudad natal de la recordada ‘boyband’. Su nueva producción ha sido descrita como ‘más madura’ comparando a sus anteriores álbumes.

‘Este (disco) tiene un sonido más maduro. Se está hablando un poco más de la vida. La producción sin duda tiene un sonido que no hemos explorado antes, teniendo un ambiente más Europop. Es un sonido que no hemos utilizado en otros tiempos, pero que se ajusta a lo que somos como un grupo en la actualidad’, señaló Joey McIntyre.

Asimismo, New Kids On The Block manifestó que su principal inspiración para ’10’ fueron sus fans. El álbum saldrá a la venta el 2 de abril, pero se pueden escuchar algunos tracks en su página web.

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New Kids on the Block – 10 (inkl. Tracklist und Cover)

Da sind sie ja wieder – Die “New Kids on the Block” sind zurück. Die Zeiten schmelzender Mädchenherzen sind zwar vorbei, aber nichtsdestotrotz liefern Donnie Wahlberg und seine Bandkollegen Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre und Danny Wood ihren neuen Longplayer “10″ ab. Und dabei merkt man schnell, dass die Jungs älter geworden sind. Und wir meinen das im positiven Sinne…

New Kids on the Block – 10

Mitte der 1980er Jahre gegründet, wurden die Fünf aus Boston die erste weltweit erfolgreiche „Boyband“ und damit zugleich auch Prototyp einer ganzen Generation und Synonym einer neuen Art der Pop-Interpretation. Das Quintett verkaufte seit dem Erscheinen ihres Debütalbums „New Kids on the Block“ weltweit 80 Millionen Tonträger – und nach dem Hören müssen wir attestieren, dass das wohl noch mehr dazukommen werden, denn die Songs sind durchaus hitverdächtig. Der Opener “We own tonight” hat durchaus das Zeug die Charts zu “ownen”, erinnert dabei nicht selten an die Entwicklung, die auch die Backstreet Boys und manch andere Teenie-Boyband so durchlebt hat.

Das Album liefert zwölf brandneue Songs, stilistisch ganz klar “erwachsener, reifer Pop”. Wildes Rumgehopse wird somit auch live nicht mehr so stark zu sehen sein, wie noch zu Zeiten, als die Jungs mit der Pickelsalbe hantierten. Verwundert aber auch nicht weiter – Donnie Wahlberg (17. August 1969) beispielsweise hat die 40er-Marke schon längst hinter sich gelassen und ist Vater zweier Söhne.

Und so so klingen dann auch die Songs – einfach reifer, intelligenter – sicherlich auch von den Produzenten intelligent in Szene gesetzt, aber das gehört heutzutage einfach dazu. Balladen sind dabei genau so gute dabei (Wasted On You), wie auch Uptemponummern (Take my Breath away). Alles in allem ergibt das ein rundes Gesamtbild, dem nur eine runde Wertung gerecht wird.


1. We Own Tonight
2. Remix (I Like The)
3. Take My Breath Away
4. Wasted On You
5. Fighting Gravity
6. Miss You More
7. The Whisper
8. Jealous (Blue)
9. Crash
10. Back To Life
11. Now Or Never
12. Survive You


New Kids On The Block score a 7 with ’10’

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New Kids On The Block sold an astonishing 80 million records before their 1994 split and yet only really produced a handful of memorable singles. Keen to readdress the balance since their 2008 reunion, the quintet have since combined the odd bout of nostalgia with an attempt to become arguably more relevant than they ever were in the late 80s heyday.

Indeed, the recent joint tour with their most obvious successors, Backstreet Boys, and collaboration with the boyband who inspired them, New Edition, may have looked to the past. But previous album, ‘The Block,’ had both eyes firmly on the present thanks to hook-ups with hit-makers Timbaland, Ne-Yo and Akon, not to mention a duet with a then-unknown Lady Gaga.

Their eighth studio effort, confusingly named ’10,’ sits somewhere between both worlds. There might not be any superstar guest vocalists this time around, but it’s clear that NKOTB have been keeping an eye on the US Hot 100 since their last release.

The anthemic dance-pop of ‘The Whisper’ is basically David Guetta’s ‘When Love Takes Over’ Pt. II; the finger-clicks and atmospheric synths of ‘Miss You More’ venture into the same melancholic R&B territory as The Weeknd and Drake; whilst possibly even more horrific than the ‘Saw’ series Donnie Wahlberg appeared in, ‘Crash’ is a horribly misguided stab at trashy LMFAO-esque electro-pop.

The latter aside, the now middle-aged men on the block acquit themselves fairly well on their more chart-aimed efforts. But 10 is far more enjoyable when it revisits the era when ‘You Got It (The Right Stuff)’ and ‘Hangin’ Tough’ were whipping every Smash Hits reader into a frenzy.

Lead single ‘Remix (I Like The)’ offers a similar retro 80s vibe to Bruno Mars’ recent chart-topper whilst simultaneously reliving the plotline of ‘She’s All That.’ ‘Wasted On You’ combines Vangelis-style classical piano with the arms-aloft soft-rock of Mr. Mister and Peter Cetera. Whilst ‘Jealous (Blue)’ sounds like the last surviving Bee Gee, Barry, has suddenly decided to forge an R&B-themed solo career.

The epic air-grabbing balladry of ‘Fighting Gravity’ and the classic soul belter, ‘Survive You,’ meanwhile, also prove that the band’s harmonies sound far tighter now than they did 20 years ago.

Other than a couple of ham-fisted ‘fun in the club’ anthems and cringey spoken word middle-eights, therefore, the mature and effortlessly slick 10 is exactly the kind of record you’d hope a forty-something boyband would make.

The Boston Globe

New Kids all grown up and falling short on drab ‘10’

The New Kids on the Block (from left): Donnie Wahlberg, Jonathan Knight, Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, and Joey McIntyre.

The unspoken rule about a comeback is that it’s supposed to happen once. Twice, maybe, if there’s a considerable lapse in time.

New Kids on the Block are betting that lightning will strike again with their new album. “10,” which will be released on Tuesday and is the Boston-bred band’s seventh studio effort, follows the surprise success of 2008’s “The Block.” That album, their first in 14 years, triggered a reunion that put them back on the road and led to a joint tour with Backstreet Boys in 2011.

Their latest, however, smacks of a band feeling the need to have new music to play live. Given how many hits they’ve had since emerging in the mid-1980s — from “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” to “Hangin’ Tough” to “Step by Step” — that’s a curious move.

Announced in January, “The Package Tour” pairs NKOTB with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men, with stops at TD Garden on June 2-3. A one-off record-release party at the Orpheum Theatre is set for Saturday; not surprisingly, it sold out almost immediately.

As One Direction has proved, there’s an audience for boy bands. Except, in this case, the boys are men and perhaps a little leery of coming across as an oldies act. “10” is their first album of all-new material since the reunion, but the shine is off. It’s full of innocuous Top 40 pop, choruses sung in unison with little to distinguish one song from the next. Played from start to stop, it washes over you with a mind-numbing effect, an unnecessary addition to their catalog.

Whereas “The Block,” which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, had an edge and big-name collaborations (Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo) that made it attractive to urban radio, “10” is far more mellow. There are no cameos, and it’s heavy on drab dance-pop and sluggish ballads driven by keyboards better suited for cruise-ship entertainment.

Even with thumping tempos, “10” drags. From its lyrics to its plodding production, the opening “We Own Tonight” sounds modeled after Fun.’s “We Are Young.” Danny Wood’s rap that comes toward the end of “Miss You More” is not that removed from a certain “Saturday Night Live” skit featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg.

There are a few stabs at a contemporary direction. First single “Remix (I Like The),” about a woman who “went from wallpaper to heartbreaker,” is a collision of electro-pop and a harder rock vibe anchored by crisp drums and a particularly strong lead vocal from Donnie Wahlberg. “Wasted on You” has the pomp and circumstance of Ryan Tedder’s thunderous ballads (think Beyoncé’s “Halo” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone”).

“Crash” feels like a Chris Brown rave-up, with a euphoric chorus tailor-made for the dance floor: “We’re gonna crash to the moon and the stars in the sky/ We’re gonna crash into it tonight/ Into the music and out of your mind. Get ready to blast off.”

On “Jealous (Blue)” they come closer to the retro R&B that Timberlake pulled off so well on his latest, “The 20/20 Experience.” Harmonies glide off Jordan Knight’s falsetto, which underpins the song and gives it a sensuous ambience. It’s one of the fleeting moments where you hear a spark of inspiration.

“Baby, I like the new you” goes one line from “Remix (I Like The).” If only the feeling were mutual.

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CD Review: New Kids On The Block – 10

THE video for Remix (I Like The), the first single taken from NKOTB’s sixth studio album, shows Artemis Pebdani (actress, me neither) as the “lonely and awkward wallflower” at a suburban party you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemies.

Published: Fri, March 29, 2013

New Kids On The Block – 10

Split screen, and for reasons we can only blame on NKOTB (who now seem to have the same choreographer as The Overtones), she splashes her face with water and starts rocking out.

NKOTB have a certain effect on women of a certain age, which is 10’s major appeal.

We think it’s because NKOTB have a certain effect on women of a certain age, which is 10’s major appeal.

If it were anyone else we wouldn’t bother.

(The Block/Boston Five)

Verdict: 3/5


New Kids still rule the block

Friday, March 29, 2013


New Kids on the Block thought they couldn’t get any bigger.

In 1989, the Boston boy band sold out arenas and cornered the market on Trapper Keepers. A quarter century later, the New Kids have lost their notebook dominance, but the coming arena tour will top ’89’s. It will also top their 2008 and 2011 tours.

When NKOTB reunited in 2008, they headlined the TD Garden. In 2011, they packed the Garden and Fenway Park 
a few days apart. This summer, the guys host their fifth annual cruise, play three shows at Mohegan Sun Arena and return to Boston for back-to-back Garden gigs.

“I’m shocked it’s still at this level,” Danny Wood said from his adopted home of Miami. “When you’re away for 15 years and you’re a pop group, you don’t know what to expect. Pop changes so fast, and it’s a young man’s game. I didn’t expect the first reunion to be so big. So to be playing three Mohegan Sun shows when we usually play one, that’s amazing.”

The New Kids’ career came crashing down in 1994 when the “Face the Music” album bombed. The guys went their separate ways. Between the five, they released a dozen solo albums, but few paid the music any attention. The boy band craze had been hijacked by Backstreet Boys, ’N Sync, 98 Degrees and other young talents.

But you always remember your first love — especially if your first love was cutie Jordan Knight or bad boy Donnie Wahlberg.

The New Kids kept the love flowing with a 2011 co-headlining tour with the Backstreet Boys. This summer’s “The Package Tour” features the New Kids with a reunited 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men.

Wood says the key to keeping fans in those stadium seats is creating a fresh experience on every tour.

“We’ve talked for a while about getting Boyz II Men on tour with us because we know they’ll work great with us,” Wood said. “We share management with Nick Lachey, so when we heard 98 Degrees was reuniting, we knew we had the perfect third band for this tour.”

Ticket sales have been surprising. Demand for a second reunion album is astounding — NKOTB’s sixth record, “10,” comes out Tuesday.

The group’s last disc, 2008’s “The Block,” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. With little competition from next week’s releases, there’s a slim chance “10” could earn the top spot.

Chart dominance is nice. But even if the album only squeaks into the Top 10, it proves New Kids fans aren’t fueled wholly by nostalgia.

“We did these town hall type events last year, and the first question everyone had was, ‘When’s the new album coming?’” Wood said. “We weren’t even thinking new album until people asked for it.”

Give the people what they want — even if it means spending your 40s performing, rehearsing and riding on a bus for days on end. Not that Wood’s complaining.

“We sing and dance for a living,” he said. “I have friends in Boston who are bricklayers. That’s work. We never look on our careers as work.”

Tour dates and tickets for New Kids on the Block TD Garden and Mohegan Sun shows at nkotb.com.



VERSUS: Video Ganador de la Semana: REMIX – NKOTB




American boyband New Kids on the Block (aka NKOTB) have spoken out about their forthcoming new album ‘10’ – saying it’s a much more ‘mature’ effort than their some of their older material.

Produced by longtime production partners DK, the album is the seventh of their career, and follows their last record ‘The Block’, which hit #2 in the US back in 2008. Set for a release on April 2nd, the group have opened up about what fans can expect.

“A lot of pop music nowadays is centred to a younger audience or written for younger artists, but for a group who are all in our 40s, you want to be singing about stuff that resonates with you,” Joey McIntyre told Digital Spy“I think this music does. Our last album The Block was a little more urban and club-driven, whereas this has a more mature vibe to it.”

He continued: “It’s speaking to life a bit more. Production-wise it definitely has a sound we haven’t explored before, which is that kind of Europop thing. It’s a sound we haven’t really spent time in before, but it fits who we are as a performing group.”

The band have already lined-up their US tour – which runs through the summer – and we expect a UK tour announcement can’t be too far away. Stay with Stereoboard if you want to stay up-to-date on NKOTB – we’ll let you know if any dates surface!

Source: http://www.stereoboard.com/content/view/178125/9#ixzz2P2lfgDKv

Estrenamos en exclusiva lo nuevo de NKOTB


New Kids on the Block, la legendaria boy band de los noventa, regresa por todo lo alto a la actualidad musical con 10, su esperadísimo nuevo álbum de estudio. Y, para que podáis escucharlo antes que nadie, en Los40.com hemos queridoestrenarlo EN EXCLUSIVA y al completo. Así que ya sabes: ¡dale al play y disfruta con el retorno discográfico de estos maestros!